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New Albion Homebrew Discovered in San Francisco

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Sir Francis Drake “discovered” Northern California in 1579, naming it New Albion (Albion=England). The exact location of the landing remains a mystery, but most historian accept “Drake’s Bay” out at Point Reyes in Western Marin as the official/unofficial spot. New Albion is also the name of the first micro-brewery in the United States, located in Sonoma, hence the name of the complete bike as the “Homebrew.”


A lugged head tube, down tube shifters and retro inspired down tube panel.  It even uses a threaded 1″ headset, paired with a traditional quill stem, which gives the feeling of a classic.

The Homebrew is a traditional road bike with classic style. It looks racy with its red paint job and skinny tubes, but we outfitted it with braze-ons for racks, fenders, and even front mini-racks, so it is also utilitarian.  It utilizes 57mm long reach brake calipers which allow up to a 32mm tire (28mm are the stock size)!

It comes with a compact (34-50t) crankset and a wide range 11-32 9 speed cassette, being able to tackle the steepest hills of San Francisco.


The head badge looks pretty good too ;)

For more information, you can check it out here

Thanks and have a great one



American Cyclery Parklet & Plaza Open House on November 21, 2013

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Hello friends and neighbors of American Cyclery,

We are hosting an open house at American Cyclery on Thursday November 21, 2013 from 6-8pm.  Located on the corner of Stanyan and Frederick street at 510 Frederick next to Kezar Stadium.  Founded in 1941, American Cyclery is San Francisco’s oldest bike shop. Partnered with San Francisco’s Gast Architects and Seattle based contractor Krekow Jennings, our goal is to build a community supported parklet on Stanyan St. and a corresponding plaza on the vacant lot next to the American Cyclery.  This will calm traffic, turn a paved parking lot into green space and make our neighborhood a more beautiful & safer place.   After lots of hard work from many volunteers and Pro Bono workers, combined with the support of Supervisor London Breed’s office, we have preliminary approval from the San Francisco Planning Department, MTA & Department of Real Estate.  We can’t build this without community support and are asking for your input before we start building.

American front shot parklet

Bradley J Woehl


The Brooks Cambiums Have Finally Arrived…

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We have been asking Brooks for years to make a non-leather saddle, as they used to decades ago,  finally having one in production.  Last Spring a secret sample was brought by the store, being a little more refined than the version we saw 9 months ago.


The word Cambium is derived from the plant world and yes these saddles a Vegan.  The top of the saddle uses a organic cotton canvas, available in the natural or slate finish.  Under the cover is constructed out of vulcanized natural rubber, which helps form to your body profile.  Underneath it is a little different from the standard Brooks as there are tubular stainless steel rails that attach to aluminum reinforcements, which are riveted to the rubber/canvas upper.  We have (2) test ride saddles available, one in the standard version and the other in the ladies option.

Natural Finish

Natural Finish

Unlike most Brooks saddle that are made in England, these are Italian made.  These are also waterproof with the rubber, so there is no need to put profide on the saddle.  These are based off of the most popular Brooks that we sell, the B17 and are a great all around saddle.  There are future plans to do another version off of the B15 Swallow, if you need a road race (the 1%’ers) version.  This model is available in the Standard and Ladies (S) version in both the Natural and Slate finish.

Slate Finish

Slate Finish

To find out more information or to purchase one, click here

Thanks again and email us if you have any questions to orders at american cyclery dot com.




We Can Now Build & Ship You a Complete Soma Bicycle!!!

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American Cyclery has built up more Somas than any shop in the Universe and are now at a point that we can build a bike up and ship it to you! This is really simple in some ways and complex at the same time. We’ve had many people travel (planes, trains and automobiles) from great distances in order for us to build up their dream bike. Our plan is to have some of the “stock” builds that are the most popular versions that we do, but still build each one for the customer. We always have these stock builds on our sales floor (having almost every model as a matter of fact) realizing most people are going to travel more than 2 hours to check something out.
This is one of the most popular builds that we do for people commuting and still have an all around bike for the weekends, being the “Soma Double Cross Commuter Special.” The Double Cross is a bike that you can ride 99% of everything out there (not being the bike for the 1% ;) and of course can be built with many styles of handlebars. We are keeping it simple with the choice of:  Size, shifter type and handle bar options.  Component color, gear ratios, cranks length, etc… can be finalized before or after you place the order.  To find out more information about the spec options you can check it out here:  Soma Double Cross Commuter Special or you can always email us at…orders at americancyclery . com


This is also one of the more popular builds that we do for people who want an “all around bike” that can take up to 32mm tires.  The ES stands for Extra Smooth, having a longer wheel base than a standard road race bike, more along the lines of how bikes used to be 20+ years ago.  It has eyelets for front/rear fenders as it is equipped with eyelets to accommodate a rear rack.  Once again, we are keeping it simple by having the choice of size and component color.  Same as before where you will have a choice of rear gearing, crank length, tire width, handlebar with, component color, bar tape color etc… either before or after you order it.  To find out more information about the spec options you can check it out here:  Soma ES w/ Shimano 105  or you can always email us at…orders at americancyclery . com

It usually takes us between 7-15 days to have a the complete bike ready to ride from the time that it is ordered.  After is test ridden, you can either pick it up at the store or we can professionally box/ship it to either you or your favorite local bike shop for re-assemble.

This is just the start of a much bigger plan and please email if you have any questions about these or any other Soma frames or custom builds.




The Famous Bianchi Super Pista ;)

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We always to get to see and work on some amazing bikes that come thru the doors at American Cyclery, being that we are in San Francisco.  This bike belongs to an “Old School” American racer who most people recognize as the hilarious Tour DU France commentator.  Yes he has many bikes and yes he does ride a fixed gear around the streets of San Francisco, taking it up to Marin too.


We changed out the bars from a traditional drop bar to a Soma Oxford, inverting it to get lower in the front end.  Of course we used Newbaum’s CELESTE cotton tape to finish off the new bars to carry on the Bianchi tradition.  Also the cranks were swapped out to the vintage inspired IRD Defiant Single Speed crankset, another throw back to the old school, with a modern twist.


Yes, a front brake on a fixxie is a must around San Francisco…  We had to make a top tube protector out of some of the extra cloth Newbaum’s tape for some extra protection for the top tube.


To see more info about the products that were used, click below for the link:

Newbaum’s Cloth Tape

IRD Defiant Single Speed Crankset

Soma Oxford Handlebar

Thanks for looking and have a great one!!!


Brooks Sale

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According to some sources, we have one of the biggest and best selection of Brooks in America.  American Cyclery has always stocked Brooks having them many decades before they became a “popular” brand in the U.S.  In the last few years, there has been many color variations added to the Brooks collections and we have added to our offering as well.

This is just a small sample of the models and color variations that we stock.  Saddles/seats are our most popular item, but well sell quite a bit of handlebar tape and grips as well.

Currently we are running a web special, where we are offering 20% off all of our Brooks product, when ordered at our on-line store.  To sweeten the special even more, you will also receive 20% off all other products, as long as you order at least (1) Brooks product as well.  If you want to pick the order up at our store, just choose the store pick up when checking out your cart.

To start shopping click here:  Brooks 20% Off Sale at American Cyclerya


American Cyclery



American Cyclery Tent Sale July 13-14th

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The Tent Sale is Coming…


Mural Project (South Side)

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As some of you know, we had to re-do our mural due to the plaster separating from the side of the building.  This came as a surprise to us after seeing major cracks in the building as the project quickly grew into some major foundation work.  Here is a little slideshow of the construction project and the painting of the South side of the door.  The original artist Ray worked his magic with spray paint while Mike who works at American Cyclery Too is going to do the North side.  This is just the start of a big project, which will be completed once a Parklet in constructed in front of the store.

Click here to see the slide show

Part 1 is complete!

Thanks again and have a great one


Cervelo RCa has Landed!!!

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On Tuesday we had one of the 1st Cervelo RCas show up after waiting for a little over a month.  The hardest part about ordering such a nice ride, is waiting for it to finally show up.  We always track shipments, getting a little shock when UPS tracking showed a delay due to “Train Derailment.”  Thankfully the box wasn’t on the derailed train, as our customer was fine waiting an extra day to open the box.


This frame is a work of art, while being an engineering masterpiece at the same time.  Unlike a lot of other professional bike that have name/logo placement 20 something times all of the frame, the Cervelo RCa is understated.  What is even more amazing is that the frame weights 630 grams (1.38 lbs)!!!

This one will be on display (NO TOUCHING!) until we get all the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 parts to complete the build.  Only 325 framesets are going to be produced this year and we have a waiting list that we can put your name on.  58cm/61cm will be available in May, 54cm in August and 48cm/51cm/56cm in September.  If you have any questions or want to set up an appointment to talk about options, email us orders at american cyclery dot com.

If you are ready to order one up on-line:  http://shop.americancyclery.com/collections/frontpage/products/cervelo-rca

The hardest part will be knowing that you will dream of it every night until it gets here.


Cervelo RCa is Coming…

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For all of those out there who haven’t been by lately, we decided to pick up Cervelo over the Winter.  Having quite a few customer’s who have them, we really like their simplistic approach of not creating a billboard, besides having the highest levels of technology applied to bicycles.  We’ve been hearing rumors of the next generation of the R5Ca for a while (R7) but got the news of the new RCa!!!  The Ca stands for California, being locally made in our beautiful state :)

This is one Super HOT bike, being understated, not screaming “look at me.”  There are a handful of frames that are at or close to this level of carbon technology, but Cervelo gets American Cyclery’s vote for best looking bike.  We realize that most bikes look the same to the most people, therefore needing decals to show the branding.  While there are subtle differences in design, you can’t a bikes appearance like changing the body style of a car.  We had the pleasure of building up the previous generation (R5Ca) last Fall, which built up to 12.96 lbs with pedals & power meter crankset!

The RCa comes as a frameset, as only 325 will be built this year, with the 1st delivery scheduled for May.  The average weight for a 54cm frame is 667 grams (454.4 grams per pound), including paint and hardware.  Standard Cervelo sizing will include 48c-61cm as we have other R3s or R5s to test ride.  We’ve already pre-sold one and if you are interested in getting one for yourself or have any questions, either call the shop (415 664-4545) or email us (orders@americancyclery.com).

For more technical information Cervelo click here

Have a great one


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